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Monetize with ad units designed to match the look and feel of your website. With Media.net’s contextually relevant & native ad units, expect increased CTRs of up to 1.5x-4x. Our contextual ads do not collect audience data and serve hyper-targeted ads relevant to your audience.

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Deploy one ad tag and get access to a plethora of ad types. Harness the power of search, display, video, native and other customized formats across all devices to suit your site and audience.

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From the very first day I published MedicareWire.com in 2012, Media.net was there, by my side, as a trusted partner. In all but one year since I launched MedicareWire.com my Media.net revenue has doubled. I can honestly say, if I had not discovered Media.net and been willing to give them a try, I would not be where I am today. Media.net is my goldmine.

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We've been working with Media.net nearly 2 years now and they've never failed us - providing a terrific solution for monetizing traffic with dedicated account managers. With multiple 'brainstorming' sessions, calls and discussions, I am 100% up-to-speed with what's going on with my sites and at the same time, all the hard work and optimization is done by their dedicated team.

- Saving centric

Six-figure income is NOT impossible to achieve with Media.net, I have obtained it and brought me to financial wealth. This achievement is also because the help of dedicated account managers who kindly monitor my revenue growth and offered various ad formats to ensure potential maximum earnings.

- Hireteen.com

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