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Take Your Pick: Programmatic Implementations

Fully Managed
Header Bidding Platform

  • Leave all the heavy-lifting to us and receive end-to-end support on one seamlessly managed platform.
  • Combine programmatic display with unique search demand from the Yahoo! Bing Network.
  • Leverage our server-side tech and integrate 3rd party partners with minimal effort.


  • Use’s Prebid adapter to get full access to the Marketplace with minimal effort.
  • Enable other ad formats like native, video and more through a single integration.
  • Get extensive reporting and analytics with a complete overview of performance.

Google's Exchange Bidding (EBDA)

  • Access our programmatic demand at the flip of a switch via EBDA.
  • Get a dedicated operations team that ensures you are utilizing our demand to its maximum potential.
  • Benefit from lightning-quick requests to the demand side, translating to a higher rate of valid bids coming through our platform.
Capitalise on Untapped Revenue

Our platform offers incremental opportunities with our native ad insertion that dynamically determines best placements for ads to limit user disruption. You can also leverage our contextual technology across direct sales for targeting and brand safety. You can use the programmatic platform to harness demand from leading video platforms and serve video ads with extremely quick load times and non-intrusive behaviour.

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Minimize latency and keep user experience intact.

We take the pressure off your browser and place the burden of real-time bidding on’s server. This ensures that there’s little to no latency, which in turn keeps your user experience unaffected, regardless of device and internet speeds.

Get complete transparency and greater control.

We give you unique visibility into bidding data to ensure auction neutrality and maximum participation. This results in increased competitive returns on your inventory in a first-price auction. Greater control over the ad-decisioning process paves the way for better optimization.

Get actionable insights from extensive reporting.

Our dashboard is built to facilitate seamless navigation and give you a complete rundown of performance by demand sources, advertisers, bids, cookie match rates and more, making data interpretation extremely easy and actionable.

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Monitor Ad Quality With A Global Account Management Team.

Our global footprint and teams across the world ensure quick turnaround times and ever-responsive 24x7 support, plugging any issues you might face, promptly. So, whether it is about ad quality tracking or integrating new partners into the platform, we’ve got your back.

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