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Put the Customer Experience First for Agencies is powered by proprietary tech and is focused on smart solutions built to make every ad relevant, and every brand engagement valuable. We combine the best of technology-driven machine learning with data-savvy human expertise. Our traders are fully trained in our technology platform, business analytics and media buying.’s key point of differentiation is our expertise in content - we layer in data with our contextual insights to ensure the right ad is always served to the right user in the right environment.

  • Branding

    Intelligent digital and mobile advertising that builds brand equity through granular targeting and premium inventory in brand-safe environments. Through exclusion and custom contextual targeting, offers an appropriate environment for all communications.

  • Performance

    Precise ad placements and data-driven targeting in digital and mobile advertising that drive performance objectives through context and media intelligence. Our control tools ensure we reach human targets with a mix of predictive tech, probabilistic algorithms and a mix of above the fold and below the article, targeting guaranteeing your ad is seen.

  • Analytics

    Proven machine learning intelligence that is applied by our team of experts for in-depth audience analytics and smart media buying with a robust and transparent buying platform. We provide a full suite of reporting to deliver strategic, actionable insights.

Whether your objective is awareness, preference, traffic or conversion, or a combination of all, proposes actionable solutions with guaranteed cross device integration. From banners, instream, video, exit interstitials to mobile, seeks to maximize data and targeting to reach audiences and deliver results.

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