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Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads
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Program Overview for Advertisers

Yahoo! bing network | contextual ads powered by

Q: What is

A: is one of the largest contextual advertising platforms in the world, and exclusively powers the Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads Program ( globally. Using innovative contextual targeting technology, we show highly relevant and targeted ads to engaged users. has one of the world's largest teams working on contextual advertising. We have over 600 employees in key operation centers across New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Zurich, Mumbai & Bangalore, who are dedicated to covering a wide range of technology, business and process innovation.

Q: How does determine where my ads will be shown?

A: We use proprietary technology to contextually match your ads with relevant content. In a typical instance, users are shown relevant ad topics based on the content being consumed by them at that exact moment.

As the units are contextual, they generate a high degree of user interest and engagement. In most cases, the user validates intent by clicking on one of the related ad topics which drives them to a search results page containing ads based on the topic they clicked on. You get charged your bidded pay-per-click only when the user clicks on your ad listing on the search results page. This multi-level intent validation process ensures you see high quality users that are genuinely interested in your ads. For example, if a webpage features content about canoeing, will display ad topics related to canoeing trips or supplies which will result in ads targeted to those topics.

Q: What kind of publishers does have?

A: has access to exclusive placements across some of the largest publishers as well as niche publishing categories across the web. Some of our publisher partners include:

  • Yahoo Elle Forbes Reuters RoadTrack Cosmopolitan Esquire Fitness Daily news Better Homes and Gardens The Street Womans day seventeen kiplinger fixya marieclaire marieclaire

Q: Why should an advertiser look at advertising on

A: Advertising on is beneficial to your advertising strategy because it offers a broader reach with the highest quality targeted audience for your ads. Every publisher on our platform is manually screened for quality, and is constantly subject to scrutiny through our compliance processes to ensure advertisers only receive the highest quality traffic.

Q: I see traffic from multiple sub-domains of, and What are these?

A: These are domains owned by and used for ad-serving.

Q: Can I opt out of entire premium publisher base?

A: Yes. You can either selectively remove any of the sub-domains in your Yahoo! Bing Ads interface (from Settings >> Advanced settings >> Exclusions), or opt-out of the entire network by clicking the link below. Please note that this will result is loss of all traffic from premium and high quality niche websites.

If you have any questions about or your advertising on, please feel free to reach out to us at

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